Thursday, September 08, 2005

Angels Wish

I have to tell you about the way I found my cat, Pumpkin. I had been thinking about getting a cat, but wasn't sure I was quite ready to deal with the cat hair yet. Someone told me about a website that posts pet profiles and you can search for specific species of cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals. The website is . So, I went to the website and looked under cats and there were hundreds of cats to choose from. Each cat has a 'bio' about their personality, looks, whether they are good with children or other pets. I had been searching for days and had finally narrowed it down between 2 cats. One was Romeo, the other Pumpkin. Both of their bio's said they were lap cats and lovers, which I wanted. Pumpkin had been in a home with small children that did not treat her like she needed to be treated. Apparently they played with her too hard. She was declawed on all fours, which is something I would never do to a cat, but since it had already been done, I figured it would save my furniture, so I decided to check her out. I called the Vet to see if I could meet her and then off I was. I walked into the Vet's office and she was laying on the receptionist desk sleeping. The receptionist asked what she could help me with and I told her I was there to meet Pumpkin. The receptionist obviously had mixed emotions. She wanted Pumpkin to have a home, but she wasn't ready for her to leave because she had grown so attached to her. I went over to Pumpkin and took some pictures of her to show my roommate when I got home. I picked up Pumpkin and she was very cuddly and soft. She seemed to be very comfortable. I stayed at the vet for about 45 minutes just taking pictures of her and playing with her. Of course, I filled out the adoption paperwork and told her I would need to discuss it more with my roommate. They would evaluate my application and call back the next day. In the meantime, I talked to my roommate and he was all for getting a cat, so we just waited for the call, which came the next day. We both went to pick her up Saturday, the next day. I had gone out the get the essential cat stuff, most importantly a kennel for travel, and cat litter. I wanted to wait to see what food she was currently eating before I bought any, and the vet supplied me with a 20 pound bag of food for free! I forgot to mention that they also had waived the adoption fee because she had been adopted before and brought back because of the small children, so the only cost to me was the supplies I needed for her. We got her into the kennel and into the car and home we went. We had planned on naming her something other than Pumpkin, but on the way home she cried and cried, and when we said her name she seemed to be somewhat comforted, that is why her name is still Pumpkin. We knew it was difficult for her to move again and thought that if we kept her name it would make her more comfortable. When we got back to the apartment, we let her out of the kennel and she went on the hunt for other animals and kids. She searched the perimeter of the apartment and then came back to the living room to visit us. She went from one of us to the other, back and forth, this lasted for at least an hour. She had been craving attention so badly that she just kept this up for a few weeks. Then she started to feel more comfortable and started to claim the area as her own. Pumpkin has changed our lives in so many good ways. I know she has helped us to be more relaxed and has lowered our blood pressure. She keeps us entertained and is the center of our home. She loves both of us, although I do get jealous, since she massages my roommates neck and not mine. She massages his neck about 2 times a day! She loves to be brushed and sleep in different hiding places around the apartment. She is a very ritualistic cat. In the morning when I get up, the first thing she wants me to do is get her a few blades of grass. When my roommate gets up, she has him get her fresh water and her daily supply of food. Then she usually jumps up on him in his chair and begins the first massage and petting ritual. I just think it is totally unfair, and have to admit that it does make me jealous. I guess I will have to get over it, afterall, she is the princess of the castle (I am still the Queen and tell her that occasionally).

We love our cat and can't imagine life without her. I think is an awesome idea and would encourage anyone that is looking for that perfect match in a pet to check out the website. Let me know what you think of the website and this blog.


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