Saturday, September 10, 2005

Framing Your Precious Photo's

I don't really want to share all of my secrets, but this is just a little tip to save some money.

Have you gone into a store looking for that perfect frame for a photo and looked at the price and thought 'that is highway robbery'?
I do not buy new frames anymore. I go to garage sales and thrift stores. I am very much into photography, so I don't just go looking for one perfect frame, but I go occasionally and just buy all of the ones I like, in hopes to use them for framing gifts, or photo's for myself. Last week I went to a thrift store and bought 7 frames for $11! Some were average wood frames, some looked new from the store and some were very unique, like the one pictured left was only $.99! I know that if I would have bought each of these frames in a store, I would have spent over $60 on all of them, at a conservative estimate. Why spend 3-4 times the money on something that was made so cheaply in another country? They are usually made out of plastic anyway. I have found very nice, solid wood frames for must cheaper than you could ever find them in a store (and they are most likely pressed wood). Maybe you think people will not like a gift that was previously used, that's a shame, because they clean up real nice, and some just need a quick wipe down!
Anyway, this doesn't just have to be for you photographers, you ebayers know what I am talking about. There are many things that can be purchased in places other than retail stores that work just as nicely, if not better than the new, more expensive, cheaply made version. I am not saying that some of the frames I buy in a thrift shop are not cheaply made, but at least I am not forfeiting a nice dinner out to pay for them.
Shop wisely and enjoy the surprise of what you might find each time! As the saying goes, 'One man's trash is another man's treasure!'


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