Sunday, September 04, 2005

My First Blog

My name is Laura and this is my first blog. I have always wanted to do this, but the recent happenings due to the force of Katrina have angered me to the point of following through with my blog. In this blog I am going to talk about the things that may not be mentioned on TV, quite personal things that I wish people to remember in the days and weeks to come.
In the weeks to come, you will hear people saying, 'I am so sick of always hearing about the suffering in Louisiana every time I turn on the news!' Or, 'They were only without water for 4 days!' I have already heard it, and this is for those that find themselves in that frame of mind.
We all take for granted that the people in our lives will always be there, but when the time comes we are somewhat devastated. Now, add onto that the possibility that you may have to watch that person die, or you may have had to watch them float away not knowing if they survived. Or let's say, you watch your 2 week old child die from dehydration because you can't breast feed because you are also dehydrated. You are surrounded by water that is tainted, you haven't showered in days, much less washed your hands, had the luxury of toilet paper, or feminine hygiene products. Or maybe you suffer depression, anxiety, manic depression, or schizophrenia and you have no medication. You have diabetes, aids, infections and you have lost your medications. I skipped a day of showering and I felt disgusting, and I was in air conditioning, not in the uncontrolled heat and humidity. I had to take a shower because I couldn't stand myself anymore, let alone go out in public to even take out my garbage or get something at the gas station. So imagine the feeling of being unable to shower for 5+ days, can't brush your teeth, you have your period and nothing to take care of it with. You are surrounded by thousands of people that are all in the same situation, emotions running extremely high. As an outsider, for me to think about these things and then hear someone say, 'I am so sick of hearing about the damage from Katrina!', it just makes me sick to my stomach. Have people become so selfish and withdrawn that they do not see that this is happening in their own country and that this is our government has treated these victims of natural disaster in this way? I am looking forward to and ashamed of how the victims will see their government when they finally have access to what the media has shown prior to them getting assistance. How will they react when they see that the government could not get to them because of the flooding, but the news media could? Will our questions ever be truthfully answered as to why it took so long for relief from the entity that is supposed to keep our nation secured from terrorism? If it takes 5 days to begin to help people from a natural disaster, how long will it take for a response to, let's say, a nuclear (not nucular) attack?

Please let me know your opinion on my first blog, I am open to constructive criticism. This site, for me is about speaking freely, even if others don't agree with me, or I with them. It is a right we are supposed to have in this country and I encourage you to use it.


At 6:06 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

WOO-HOO!!! WAY TO GO!!! Excellent first post! Nucular, I love it!!


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